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ITALY BITREE has many years of experience in the design and construction of cutting machinery. Through the use of new technologies that safeguard people and the environment, we offer a range of innovative products that meet our customers' needs in a timely manner.
Our cutting machines

A product for all your needs

Constant attention to customer needs leads us to continuously improve our products,
production processes and design and organisation systems.

These machines are designed to meet the needs of a family that encounters the need to split firewood for stoves, fireplaces, ovens…

The saw bench makes clean, precise cuts of materials such as wood, plastics and metals. The ITALY BITREE product range includes various models such as “V” saw benches. , fixed or sliding table circulars.

Our band saws are designed to preserve operator safety. They can cut any kind of firewood, and be used for many other wood-related processes.

ITALY BITREE builds technologically advanced and professional machines useful for loading large quantities of wood.

ITALY BITREE portable winches are used for their technical features, which ensure a highly reliable product.

Every ITALY BITREE product, from log splitters to conveyor belts, can be supplemented with a range of certified accessories to ensure high performance in use.


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