About us

Italy BiTree S.r.l. is a leader on the production market in producing machines that cut wood in general and woodsplitting machines, saw benches, band saws and conveyor tapes in particular. Quality, flexibility and security are our strengths. Italy BiTree is present on national and international markets thanks to its experience in the hydraulic field and the continuous research for the protection of people and environment.

All this allows in the present to produce machines of high reliability and safety. The precise and constant attention to customer needs has always characterized its commitment, aimed at continuous improvement of products, processes and systems of planning and organization.

The BiTree Italy S.r.l. has a sales network consisting of qualified agents, who with seriousness and competence can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The company is structured with clearly defined responsibilities and functions that enable the efficient and prompt service delivery. It's definitely prepared for increasing competitive markets that require advanced management techniques aiming to optimize all services.