BSV 700 “V” Saw Benches – Petrol Engine


1 CE

The V-shaped saw bench with tilting table allows sawing logs of various sizes.

It is designed with operator safety regulations in mind, in fact some movable guards mounted to fairing the blade, exclude any kind of contact with it.

The log, at the time of cutting, due to the special design of the bench, remains locked on it, so that the hands are used only for handling the moving bench.

The blade in case of danger, thanks to an electronic board mounted on the motor box, can be stopped very quickly.

It also has an extension for supporting longer logs and a rod for adjusting the length of the log to be cut.

Oversized wheels allow easy and fast movements.

BSVs are available with either a Ø 600 or Ø 700 mm widia blade.



– Useful cut: 260 mm

– Disc shaft rotation speed: 1700 rpm

Blade circumference: 700 mm

– Dimensions W x D x H: 800 x 1000 x 1100 mm

Weight: 180kg

– Belt drive.

– Electronic or mechanical blade braking.

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Cod. Articolo Modello HP(kW) Ingombro LxPxH (cm) Peso (kg) Disco di taglio ø (mm) Profondità di taglio (cm) Tipo di lama Tensione Elettrica (Volt)
1.410.005 BSV 700 MS HONDA HP 5 - WIDIA 5 ( 4,1 ) 80 x 100 x 110 180 700 26 WIDIA -



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