Maxi Italia Vertical Log Splitter – Petrol Engine


1 CE

UNI EN 609-1

TON 11/12

Vertical log splitters, named MAXI, were created to meet the most demanding customers in the field of wood cutting and include a series of very professional machines.
Fast and powerful they split wood of any hardness and range.

The Maxi range is characterized by the position of the cylinder, placed at the top of the machine; this position gives it exceptional fluency of movement that is expressed through effortless cutting.

They have a movable top with removable plates for log support.
Equipped with four wheels, they are easy to move despite their considerable weight.

The Dragon machine is equipped with wheels to ensure handling and a wedge for quick opening.
The same machine will be supplied on request with a three-point hitch with PTO for the tractor.
Quality durability and flexibility are the strengths of Dragon.




2-hand control

Oversized plastic wheels

– Double speed downhill wedge

Cutting opening: 540 mm

Piston stroke (adjustable): 500mm

– Hydraulic oil quantity:
14 l

Wheels for movement: 260 mm

Dimensions L x W x H: 700x 1000 x 2000 mm

Weight: 230kg

SKU: 1.100.016 - 1.100.017 Category:
Cod. Articolo Modello HP(kW) Ingombro LxPxH (cm) Peso (kg) Forza (t) Apertura taglio (mm) Corsa pistone (mm) Olio (litri) Tipo di pompa
1.100.016 SV 120 CE - MS HONDA HP 5 5,5 ( 4,1 ) 70 x 100 x 200 230 11 540 500 14 G1 SINGOLA
1.100.017 SV 120 CE - MS HONDA HP 5 + DP 5,5 ( 4,1 ) 70 x 100 x 200 250 12 540 500 14 G1 DOPPIA



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SV 120 CE – MS HONDA HP 5, SV 120 CE – MS HONDA HP 5 + DP