SN 600 Combi Combination Band Saw – Male Tractor Attachment


1 CE


The band saw was designed with accident prevention regulations for operator safety in mind.

It can cut any kind of firewood; moreover, it is indispensable for many other housework related to woodworking.

All models feature high quality, both in the materials chosen and the strength of the structure.



– Electronic or mechanical braking (TAM version) of the blade

– Rudder for movement

– Cast iron sled

– Included pusher

– Cast iron flywheel size: 600 x 35 mm

Size of the removable top: 1000 x 1000mm

Useful cutting height: 380 mm

– Useful cutting length: 580 mm

– Tape speed: 19 m/s

– Tape development: 4620 mm

Tape width and thickness: 30 x 0.6 mm

Steel disc travel wheels: 260 mm

Dimensions W x D x H: 1600 x 1200 x 2300 mm

Weight: 450 kg

SKU: 1.650.007-1 Category:
Cod. Articolo Modello HP(kW) Ingombro LxPxH (cm) Peso (kg) Dimensione del piano (cm) Altezza max di taglio (cm) Larghezza max di taglio (mm) Lunghezza nastro max (mm)
1.660.007 SN 600 CE COMBI TAM + 3P - 160 x 120 x 230 450 100 x 100 38 58 30 x 0,6 LG 4620



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