Maxi Pro Vertical Log Splitter (SV 210 CE) – Tractor Hydraulic Attachment


1 CE

UNI EN 609-1

TON 21


MAXI PRO SV 210s represent the latest generation of vertical log splitters from ITALY BITREE.

Powerful and compact, they are designed to meet the needs of those engaged in cutting logs of a certain weight and length.

Logs with a maximum length of 120 cm can be placed directly on the machine base, limiting the effort to lift the log to a minimum.

Equipped with two oversized wheels, they are easily maneuverable despite their considerable weight.



– 2-hand control

– Vertical trunk lift including

– Double speed downhill wedge

– Enlarged work surface with rotating plate.

Cutting opening: 1200 mm

Piston stroke(adjustable): 1200 mm

Quantity of hydraulic oil + external oil filter: 22 l

Wheels for movement + third swivel castor: 260 mm

Dimensions W x D x H: 1000 x 1250 x 2200 mm

Weight: 440 kg

SKU: 1.260.009 Category:
Cod. Articolo Modello HP(kW) Ingombro LxPxH (cm) Peso (kg) Forza (t) Apertura taglio (mm) Corsa pistone (mm) Olio (litri) Tipo di pompa
1.260.009 SV 210 CE - TAI ( opzionale attacco terzo punto + 3P ) / 100 x 125 x 220 420 max 21 1200 1200 22 /



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SV 210 CE – TAI ( optional third point attachment + 3P )