SN 600 T + MR 500

SN 600 T + MR 500

The union of a band saw with joint attack of cast iron flywheel with a diameter of 600 mm and a 12 tones Vertical Woodsplitter, came out COMBINATA SN 600 T + MR 500 model designed to meet the most demanding requests.

Combinata can work only as a Band Saw, only as a Woodsplitter or both Band Saw and Woodsplitter in the same time.

The Band Saw Combinata it's operated across the connection to the tractor through a cardan, while the woodsplitter has the possibility to turn arround 180°, takeing the most suitable work position, both from the right side as well as the left side of the working zone.

These characteristics allow to reduce the time of cutting or splitting the wood while maintaining high safety standards.

At this machine can be added as an accessory a cart with road wheels for short shifts, anyway the cart is not omologated for street transport.