“V” SAW BENCH with tilting bench

BANCO SEGA A “ V ” con banco basculante

The “V” Saw Bench (BSV) with tilting bench allows cutting logs with various dimensions. It has been designed keeping in mind the standards for operator safety, in fact some mobile sump mounted fairing on the cutting disc excludes any type of contact with the operator. The log, when it's cuted, thanks to the particular shape of the bench, remains blocked on itself, so that the hands are used only to handle the mobile bench. The cutting disc, in case of danger, thanks to an electronic card mounted on the engines case, can be blocked very fast. This model also has an extension to support the longer logs and a rod to adjust the length of the trunk to be cuted. Having bigger wheels, this machine is easier and faster to move. The BSV are available with cutting discs of 600 Ø or 750 Ø, in WIDIA.