The SV81 TAM model has a third point hitch (connection) and it is operated across the tractor through a cardan (not included) with which it connects the PTO of the woodsplitter with the PTO of the tractor. It has a working surface adjustable in 3 positions. The side plates are an additional accessory to enlarge the support bench of the strains to be cut.

Technical Specifications
Model SV81 TAM
Code 100.300.7
Power type The Takeoff power of the Tractor through a cardan
Tratctor Power minimun 25 CV
Wedge pushing force 8 Ton
Quantity of biodegradable hydraulic oil plant 6 liters
The cylinder stroke 54 cm
Hydraulic pump Single pump
Log cutting height 55 - 80 - 105 cm
Movement wheels diameter 23 cm
Dimensions  (W x D x H) 51 x 87 x 105 cm
Weight 105 kg